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To develop an application that will enable service providers to get paid on time and assure consumers that the job will be done right. The client’s needs initially seemed straightforward as they were looking for help with registration, agreement creation and money exchange. But it was not as easy as we expected it to be. The Fintech market is booming and the client wanted to capitalize on an on going gap in the contracting sector.


Agreement creation

Everything related to this project is described in the agreement section. With our application, users can create multiple milestones and describe each one with as much detail as they want. It can range from an in-depth description, deadlines and attachments. Then, after a service provider sends the agreement to the client, the client can adjust it as they see fit. Once the agreement has been modified, each party essentially does a digital handshake and agrees to the terms.

Live Updates

Let’s get in the weeds. The most complex part is connected to money exchange, agreement status and the updates each user will see. Each milestone change, approval, delay, hold and any other notification should be shown to both the client and service provider. However, they should be shown differently. The back-end for the On-Screen Status Update function is very complex and more than we can break down here. You’ll just want to keep in mind that the number of screens needed for this function alone is around 30.


The Moderators

Sometimes you need a 3rd party to help in difficult agreements that are not going as planned. We add a level of protection for both the client and service provider by either resolving the issue or facilitating a refund. It’s like having a guardian angel looking over every project to ensure it's timely and fairly completed. We’ve done this by building a customized tool that allows all moderators to fulfill their clients’ needs.

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