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Rise Buildings is an elaborate ecosystem that includes far more than just a mobile app. The challenge was to utilize all the components and develop UI/UX that responds to both customers and managers in both this system and others. To do this, we separated the whole ecosystem into several smaller workgroups: mobile applications, web applications, services and kiosks.



A critical part of our research belongs to wireframing the structure of the ecosystem itself. We asked questions like how should it work, what actions lead to what consequences, what are the key points – all these questions gave us a clear idea of how the application should be developed.

All activities in one app

The home screen is designed to display all key features of the app in one place. If you want to gain access to the main door, check the weather, or create a new reservation – it can all be done within one screen. The event management system allows users to create events and open it up for the whole building. This was an added feature we made for the client that leveled up their application.


Cross-platform experience

As Rise Buildings is an ecosystem – flawless interaction between it's parts is essential. The main designs were done for building service users, but to support it from start to finish, we created a detailed experience for all the levels of management.

Local and global events

The event management system allows you to create events and open them up for the whole building. Want to make new friends? Create a beer evening or a movie night.


Ultimate access system

Gain access to the entrance, elevator and delivered packages via your personal Rise Pass. It’s built into the app and is easily revealed for the kiosk to scan.

Book events in 3 taps

Choose-check-pay. Yeah, it’s that easy. We developed a three click function proven by many marketing companies and UX researchers. We wanted to apply this to the application and have had massive success.


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