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know us?

We are a global app development company focused on building intellectually designed applications.

Our Values


The synergies among our teams are diverse. Working hand in hand with you, we deliver beyond products and brands. You can count on our team to lead your project with a winning experience and well-executed plan.


It is possible to discover a new path, or as we say "the lab is constantly booming." This is growth. So, no reason to fear. We’ll always say "Yes, we can do that" even if it will require some problem-solving. This is where we excel.

Trust and integrity

At all times during the project and business development phases, you can count on us to be accessible to you. As a team, we welcome every opportunity for creative advancement.


Collaboration is key while working with our clients. We live by our values in every aspect of our business. It is our hope that you will feel special because we believe that you are.


The ideas came to you, now it's up to us to create them. There is a hard truth here — if you don't, somebody else will. Let's take this journey together! Love life, and be kind to others!


Our brand originates from the common belief that creative and experimental ideas can be made a reality. Our futuristic insight into your idea allows us to work from a clear vantage point. Rinse and repeat — assemble data and apply. We will remove obstacles from your project to ensure it reaches your targeted market. We are designing your application for success from the start!

We are ready when you are!

Let’s get to work.


What people say?

Empire App Labs has provided really high quality services to my company.

Special thanks to Chris! He and his team were very thoughtful, and what is more important, they have shown their professionalism and ability to work expeditiously. They finished the project ahead of schedule and presented a product beyond my expectations. I will certainly recommend Empire App Labs to my partners due to their high level of expertise and support during working process.

Looking for a developer who would understand my vision was always the hardest part for me.

When I first bumped into Empire App Labs on the Web I didn't know a bean about them, so I just gave it a try. They turned out to be very responsive and flexible throughout the project. And they actually got the startup idea and delivered great results. Empire App Labs was the most detailed-oriented and process-driven team I've ever hired. These guys were worth trying.

They are pro in web development!

The way they could optimize my company’s presence online amazed me!


What people ask?

  • How much does your service cost?

    Each application is unique and requires a certain amount of research and planning. Because of this, our services will vary widely depending on your needs.

  • Where are you located?

    We have partners and clients all around the world. After the Covid-19 outbreak, we were able to adapt so that all of our workers are 100% online. We have found this to be very effective and better for company morale in these trying times.

  • What technologies do you use?

    React Native or Flutter, Native iOS (swift), Native Android (kotlin).