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To develop a portal where land owners could rent out their land and make a profit. The owner also wanted a membership function with reoccurring invoice creation, profiles and messaging centers, sharing, owner design influence, and email marketing. They also wanted social platform attachments, an activity feed, media creation, filtering tags and more. This project was extremely complex and utilized multiple technical approaches to fulfill their needs.



As the client wanted design influence we took direction on all design specs.


Our tags served as filter systems that allowed users to find the animals and land they were looking for. This included location services and in-depth detail.

Reoccurring Membership function

The membership function needed to work not only with reoccurring fees to be paid by members, but it also needed to have the ability to apply discount codes – which was all custom built per the requirements.

Activity Feeds and history

We were able to implement real time messaging across all platforms to create a high receiving rate.

Media Creation

We provided video and picture sharing capabilities.


Design Overview


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